Your Guide to Effective Direct Mail Content Catered Towards Home Owners

Reaching your audience with the right message at the right time is key. For businesses and franchise owners in the home service industry, building a network with your marketing strategy is essential. In the digital world, it can be a challenge for marketing efforts to cut through the digital noise. The power of direct mail continues to stand out, providing personal connections with recipients in need of your services. No matter what sector of property services you work in, this article is your personal guide to getting noticed and creating lasting connections with the very people who will help your business grow. 

Localized direct mail strategies and messaging

For a property service franchise, tailoring direct mail campaigns to specific locations allows you to reach potential customers in an immediate vicinity where you can showcase your products and services.

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  • Limited time offers to specific zip codes to create a sense of urgency
  • Mailers that highlight partnerships and collaborations with local businesses
  • Campaigns that emphasize the change in seasons based on a certain geographical region

Knowing the surrounding area that your business resides in, you can cater your campaigns to speak directly to the issues that your recipients are experiencing, giving you the opportunity to connect on a deeper level.

Seasonal marketing campaigns

When you run seasonal campaigns you stay relevant to your customers’ needs. Some homeowners might not know what they need going into a new season – informing them will increase your response rates and maintain customer loyalty. 

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  • A limited time offer
  • Spring cleaning or winterization checklists
  • Holiday home maintenance reminders
  • Mailers that address seasonal issues that your businesses specializes in preparing for

Taking advantage of the change in seasons will put your business at a competitive advantage.

Neighbor referral program

One of the best forms of marketing is through word of mouth. If you’re sending campaigns in a neighborhood, you can incentify your audience to encourage others to use your products and services.  

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Refer a neighbor and…

  • Get a discounted product or service
  • Receive a no charge system upgrade for your home security system
  • Get a gift card or cash reward when you get a neighbor to sign up 

With well designed referral direct mail pieces, you can connect with not only one possible lead, but two! Giving you that valuable ROI and customer loyalty.

Sustainable and eco friendly messaging

Incorporating environmental messaging and practices into your direct mail campaigns can have a positive effect on how people view your business. By offering opportunities for people to make their homes more sustainable, you create valuable, feel good relationships with your customers.

Try sending
  • Content that encourages recipients to upgrade to more sustainable home materials such as windows, lights and paint.
  • Tips on how homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint around their property resulting in energy savings.
  • Mailers that highlight the types of energy saving materials and actions you take to reduce your company’s carbon footprint like recycling or using organic materials.

This kind of messaging will resonate well with homeowners who are environmentally responsible rewarding you with that positive brand awareness. 

Home checklists

Being a helpful resource in your industry gives you great credibility and creates positive social proof for your business. Make your direct mail piece a valuable asset that people will hold onto by providing things like home inspection checklists, or tips and tricks to try. This type of content highlights your expertise and gets people relying on you and your business.

Depending on your business, try sending:
  • Security installation checklists: What do homeowners need to do before getting their security system installed?
  • Moving checklists: How can people prepare their home for a move?
  • Energy Audit list: Where can people look to know if they have energy wasting problems?
  • Include a list of things in a home that should be checked once, or multiple times a year

When you provide people with valuable information, they are more likely to depend on your expertise when it comes to their home.

Explore the pros and cons of DIY vs professional services

How do people know when it’s best to do something yourself or hire a professional? 

Send a mailer that shows examples of certain tasks that can be taken care of safely, or should really be done by a trained professional. At the end of the day, your business probably knows best.

Try Sending:
  • A campaign that highlights the convenience of hiring your company to complete a project. Be sure to include a clear call to action as people may have a sense of urgency to reach out depending on the type of project. 
  • People may try to complete certain tasks on their own, so why not include some do’s and don’ts to inform them about the importance of safety. They may end up giving you a call either way. 
  • Include a list of projects that require work permits and certifications to complete so people are informed about what they can and can’t execute on their own.

While DIY projects can be very rewarding, it’s important to let potential customers know that your business is ready to help them with their next home project.

Virtual property tours

A direct mail campaign doesn’t have to work all on its own. Adding a digital approach is a great way for engagement and tracking. Including a QR code to a landing page, or interactive sight creates a whole new experience for your recipients.

Try Sending
  • A mailer with a qr code that links to a virtual tour of a house with signs that certain things are in need of repair. 
  • A postcard with a link to a video on how to effectively complete a task/project using one of your products. 
  • A link to an interactive tour of a property that highlights how your service effectively improves the property. 
  • Before and after views of a property after they used your services.

Depending on the home services sector you specialize in, digital add ons and virtual walkthroughs of how your services work can be extremely effective and resonate with your desired audience.

With direct mail, your ultimate goal is to become the trusted partner homeowners rely on for their property service needs. With each piece of mail you send, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression and maintain important customer relationships. No matter your industry, The Mailworks can help you create campaigns that reach the right people at the right time, giving you that buzz (and sales) for your biz. Reach out to us today at