Direct mail for
dentists and orthodontists

Your patients trust you to take care of their teeth. Who can you trust to
ensure you’re getting the word out about what you do?

Our direct mail experts and proven strategies will help you send
effective direct mail campaigns to keep your chairs full.

Does direct
mail work for
dentists and

Direct mail can be an essential part of your marketing strategy!

Becoming the star dentist or orthodontist in your area takes serious local marketing efforts.

Use strategic direct mail campaigns to reach your ideal patients:

We’re ready to put our skills to work.

You’re an expert in your field — and we’re experts in ours.

We bring more than a decade of experience to the table to ensure your
campaigns reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

Masters of the trade

Your account manager is a direct mail expert — and will get to know your business to get you results.

Creative that works

Make your campaign stand out with your own creative, picks from our catalogs, or custom designs by our team.

Common-sense pricing

Our predictable flat-rate pricing includes print, postage, and nationwide USPS drop shipping.

List management

Build lists and create targeted segments to reach the people in your area.

Everything in-house

We print and mail everything from our facilities in Albany, NY.

On time mailing

We work backward from your target delivery date to get you to the mailbox there on time.

Comprehensive tracking

We monitor your calls and use tracking URLS to give you performance data.

Proprietary management platform

Manage every campaign (and track your results) online.

Your account
manager is
at your side.

We know direct mail works and want it to work for you.

Your account manager will put in the time and energy to understand your dental or orthodontic business then evaluate your area, identify your ideal patients, and help you put together the perfect list of direct mail targets to reach your goals.

Then we’ll work together to finalize your next great campaign with effective creative, the right mailing cadence, and on-time delivery every time — so you can get back to focusing on getting more patients into your chairs.

Campaign and account
at your fingertips

The Mailworks’s online portal has everything you need to manage and launch your campaigns:

Supercharge your campaigns.

Top-quality products

to make every campaign pop


full of campaign-ready creative
Need help selecting products or creative for your next campaign?
Your account manager can make recommendations.

Our partners in your

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Debunking the
Top 5 Direct Mail Myths

Have you bought into any of these common misconceptions about direct mail? Check in and get the facts with our free PDF guide.