Show up on time every time with Targeted Delivery™

We know timing is everything — so we’re doing something about it.

Targeted Delivery

Your campaign’s arrival date
shouldn’t be a guessing game.

The best-performing direct mail works because it’s timely.

So what’s the point of investing in a campaign if you’re gonna be late to the party?

(Or early. You know who you are.)

Reaching the right people with the right message at the right time — it’s our thing.

Targeted Delivery™ checks that last box.

How does
Targeted Delivery™ work?

Targeted Delivery™ is our proprietary program that ensures you land in mailboxes — nationwide — within a three-day window.

It’s our way of enhancing and optimizing USPS’s Marketing Mail service, so you get all those sweet benefits of bulk-mail discounts with none of the delivery ambiguity.


We work backward from your in-home target date. Let’s look at the process:

You tell us when you want that mail to hit (or we’ll help you perfect your strategy)

We calculate the milestones leading up to your in-home date — including your deadline


Once you approve your proof, we work that production magic (and keep it 100% in house)


We skip the middle man and ship directly from our 80,000-square-foot facility in New York to your local postal distribution center


The post office does its thing

RIGHT ON SCHEDULE, Hard-working mail carriers deliver individual pieces to your customers’ mailboxes — JUST LIKE WE’D PLANNED ALL ALONG.

Efficiency comes

The best part? Targeted Delivery™ is just how we work.
Every customer benefits from our system — no need to opt in, no extra fees to pay.

(Your per-piece price also includes design, list management, printing, postage, tracking, and complete campaign support.)

Sorry, you’re stuck with campaigns that run like clockwork

(And it all happens online.)

Targeted Delivery™ gets even easier with our proprietary software portal.

Everything you need to manage and launch your campaigns is at your fingertips, including…

Illustration - Kick Off

Want to know more about
Targeted Delivery™?

Chat with your account manager — they can sing the praises of targeted delivery all day and help you optimize all your campaigns for maximum impact.

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