The direct mail partner your agency is looking for.

Marketing agencies are experts in building winning strategies and bringing them to life for their clients. Direct mail can be wildly effective for businesses in a lot of industries — but direct mail isn’t in every agency’s wheelhouse.

Great news: It’s 100% in our wheelhouse. And we’re here to help.

We know the mail works.
It's in our name.

direct mail isn't dead.
the old-school way it's always
been done is.

Traditional direct mail hasn't kept pace with the marketing world:

If you're not exactly stoked to recommend direct mail to your agency's clients, we get it.

But we've found an easier, more efficent way to create and manage direct mail campaigns that might jive better with the way you do things.

By your side through
every client campaign.

You know your clients. We know direct mail. 

Our in-house experts will become an extension of your team, supercharging your agency expertise with our direct mail strategic know-how. 

We’ll help ensure your clients get the best possible results from their direct mail campaigns — and make you look great as a marketing partner.

The secret sauce:
our online portal

The Mailworks’s online portal has all the tools you need to manage every client’s direct mail campaigns — in one place:


Our processes and technology are perfectly suited for agency partnerships, that’s why. Here's how we make your job easier:

We know what we're doing

Our expert account managers can help incorporate direct mail into your clients’ marketing strategies.

One portal, every client

Manage each client’s mailing lists, creative, deliveries, and more in our online portal.

Transparent pricing

Keep margins high with predictable flat-rate pricing that includes print, postage, and nationwide USPS drop shipping.

List management

Build your mailing lists and targeted segments to reach drivers in your area.

One-stop-shop for direct mail

We print and mail everything from our facility in Albany, New York, no chasing unreliable vendors.

On time mailing

Our system works backward from your clients’ desired delivery date to get mailings there on time every time.

Our partners in your

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It's our job to make
yours easier.

Let’s explore an agency partnership today.