With evolving technology, trends are always changing, forcing strategies to shift and align with what’s relevant. In this blog we’ll dive into the dynamic world of direct mail marketing and uncover what is working right now. From multi-channel integration to innovative formats that spark curiosity, we’ll let you know the latest developments and proven techniques that are shaping the success of direct mail campaigns. 

Personalized Targeting

Personalized messaging has never really gone out of style. However, targeted and timed messaging based on customer behavior is something to take note of. Especially if you’re triggering direct mail sends based on specific interactions, such as abandoning a cart or repeat purchases. When you take advantage of these patterns, you can time direct mail to arrive in mailboxes at the perfect moment, and make them wonder, “How the heck did they know I needed this?” This can improve your response rates by 135%, giving you that competitive advantage. 

Multi-Channel Integration

The opportunity to connect offline marketing efforts with digital marketing efforts has never been easier. So why not take advantage where you can? When you’re able to show up at each stage of your customer journey, your target audience gets a seamless experience leading them exactly where they need to go. Here are some ways to integrate multiple channels effectively for optimal results. 

  • Direct Mail & In Store Promotions: Send direct mail that contains in store promotions to encourage customers to visit your physical location. 
  • Direct Mail & Retargeting Ads: Send targeted direct mail pieces to prospects or lapsed customers while also feeding them digital ads that connect to the direct mail campaign. 
  • Direct Mail & QR Codes: QR codes can provide an easy transition from a direct mail piece to a landing page with relevant content such as video, contact information, social media channels and more.
  • Direct Mail Email: After sending a direct mail campaign, follow up with personalized emails that make the process of interacting with your business as efficient as possible. 

By integrating direct mail with digital channels, you can leverage the strengths of both offline and online platforms to engage audiences at various touch points throughout their customer journey. When you use a customer centric strategy, your marketing is sure to drive higher levels of awareness, engagement and conversion.

Creative Design & Print Techniques

Engaging with prospects and customers involves knowing your audience, creativity, timing and quality products. According to Zipdo, when you add offers and relevant content, redemption response rates can increase by 21%. Add effective design and quality printing to that list and watch the positive engagement come rolling in. When it comes to quality printing and turnaround time, inkjet printing has proven to execute quick production without compromising on print quality. Check out our blog on inkjet printing to learn more about how we utilize our technology to provide efficient and reliable printing solutions. 

Our Latest Direct Mail Picks

Here are some of the latest and greatest direct mail formats we’ve been loving lately. Try them out today!

Folded Card With Insert

Our folded card with an insert is a small folded card with a single page insert that goes into a number 3 envelope. This direct mail format is great for highlighting an event or special offer. The folded card can be filled with content about your business, and the single page insert is great for adding details about your event or offer!

Die Cut Self Mailer

Our die cut self mailer is a fun, interactive piece that can be used for all kinds of messaging. There are two, small perfed cards that can be removed from the mailer. These can be used for coupons and discounts. Or, try using one as a personal business card for prospects to hold onto!

Folded Card with Perforated Tear off

Delivered in an A7 envelope, this product adds a personalized touch to your message. Ideal for promoting events or showcasing exclusive offers, this format amplifies engagement and drives action.

These formats showcase a diverse range of options available to marketers looking to make a valuable impact with their direct mail campaigns.

Utilizing Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and QR codes with dynamic content are revolutionizing the direct mail space by adding interactive and personalized elements to direct mailers. With the flexibility of QR codes, the opportunity to optimize targeting, and deliver relevant content is endless. Utilizing augmented reality gives you the opportunity to show off your product or service in more depth, providing your recipient with an immersive experience into what your business has to offer. These digital elements continue to bridge the gap between offline and online channels to bring more impactful campaigns. 

Direct mail marketing thrives on innovation, offering personalized strategies, multi-channel integration, creative designs and trending formats. With the continued evolution in the industry, there are even more opportunities for impactful campaigns that drive response. When you tailor these strategies and techniques to resonate with your desired audience you’ll gather that buzz for your business. With 40 years of experience in the industry, we know how to keep a pulse on the latest trends within the industry. With a team of direct mail experts by your side, you can accomplish anything with direct mail. Check out our website to learn more about how we can take your campaigns from good to great.