Direct mail for
education: easy as A,B,C

The modern educational institution has a lot of moving parts: new students, parents, alumni, donors, board members, and more. Whether you’re responsible for one department or many, staying consistent and coordinated across the board with your marketing isn’t easy.

Direct mail can be an incredibly effective tool in the world of education, but managing multiple campaigns (and multiple campuses) can get complicated fast.

We know the mail works.
It's in our name.

direct mail isn't dead. the old-school way it's always been done is.

Traditional direct mail hasn't kept pace with the modern marketing world.

If direct mail feels daunting, you’re not alone. Theres an easier, more efficient way to create and manage your campaigns – and it’s an ideal fit for education institutions like yours.

Every department, every campaign-
we've got your back.

You understand the educational landscape and know your audiences inside and out. 

We’ve been studying up on direct mail — for decades. (Seriously, PhD level.) 

And once our direct mail experts plug in to become an extension of your in-house marketing team, your insider insights and our strategic know-how will be unstoppable. 

why partner with the mailworks?

Because our processes and technology are perfectly primed to help you execute brilliant direct mail campaigns at scale. Here's how we make your job easier:

Expertise to make you look like a genius

Our account managers will help seamlessly incorporate direct mail into your marketing strategy.

A single portal for every location

Manage all your audiences, mailing lists, creative, deliveries, and more in our online portal.

Straightforward pricing

Our predictable flat-rate pricing includes print, postage, and nationwide USPS delivery.

One-stop-shop for direct mail

We print and mail everything from our facilities in Albany, New York — no babysitting multiple vendors!

Precision mailing

We deliver nationwide and work backward from your desired delivery date to ensure on-time arrival for your promotions and events.

The right product for every send

We offer more than 40 product types to make your mailings pop (and we can help you pick the perfect one for your campaign).

It all happens in our online portal.

The Mailworks’s online portal was designed with you in mind. It lets you manage campaigns, audience segments, and account information — for multiple departments and campuses — from a single dashboard.

Add A+ direct mail to your marketing strategy.

When you partner with The Mailworks, you have dedicated access to direct mail experts with decades of experience in the world of education — plus proven processes and tools that make direct mail ideal for your next big push. Let’s chat!

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