Welcome to our latest blog, where we dive into what our seasoned experts are predicting for direct mail in 2024. We’ve gathered information from our CEO, Vice President of Operations, Business Development and Software Development. Plus valuable insights from our Client Services team. Watch, or keep reading to learn about direct mail in 2024. 

Brianne Baggetta: President and CEO

My prediction for mail trends in 2024 is increased volume. Right now, the Post Office is running a really great incentive for large mailers. Anyone that mailed over 1 million pieces of mail is going to be able to participate in this program. The Post Office is going to be giving 30% credits on incremental volume. So if you are a large mailer that mailed 1 million pieces in 2023, if you go ahead and mail 1.2 million pieces in 2024 that 200,000 difference is going to be eligible for 30% postage credit. This is huge. In all of my years I’ve never seen the post office put out an incentive that was so enticing for large mailers. So I think as a result, you’re really going to see direct mail volume increase in 2024. 

In addition, we’re going into an election year, and we know that political mail can flood the mail stream during those critical election times. And I do not suspect that will be any different in 2024. 

Tressa Monell: VP Of Operations

In 2024, I see a real shift towards more precise, more targeted direct mail campaigns. I think with the integration of AI driven insights, it will allow us to ensure that each piece of direct mail is really hyper focused, and hits that target audience exactly when they need to see it. I also see businesses getting smarter, and being able to converge the online experience with the tactile, important component of direct mail. Being able to see campaigns in a more cohesive environment, can help marketers and business owners make better decisions, and we can assist them in making better decisions. 

Obviously the future of everything is automated, and direct mail is no exception. Being able to set up your direct mail campaigns to run in the background on top of them being targeted around customer behavior, and the interaction between them and your business, will ultimately raise your brand awareness and the overall level of your message. I think that will be really important as we move into 2024. 

Direct mail is certainly not dead, and I think that as trends shift and as consumer preferences change, that tactile important component of a direct mail piece will be important in 2024 and well into the future. 

Meagan Stuart: VP of Business Development

In 2024 I see more intelligence and more speed. Our data is getting smarter everyday and it’s becoming more important that we’re hitting our prospects, hitting our leads, and hitting our customers at just the right time.

Sarah Hodges: Director of Client Services

My prediction for direct mail in 2024 is hyper personalization. We’re at a point now where data and systems are so intelligent that you’re able to provide a relevant piece of mail to every person that you’re sending a mail piece to. Whether you’re mailing from your own database or from a prospect list. You can segment those lists based on lifestyle, buying habits and that just means that every piece of mail you send can be relevant and timely. 

Maigan Baer: Account Manager

For 2024, I predict we’re going to see a lot of variable data printing being used in direct mail campaigns, specifically with database campaigns. Your company’s databases are already full of a lot of rich information that can be used for personalized messaging. This could be anything from personalized offers, copy or even images to help your brand better connect with your audience. 

Jeremy Hammond: VP of Software Development

My big prediction for direct mail in 2024 is the use of AI. It’s going to explode. We’re using it to save us time and money. And when we save time and money we’ll be able to save you guys time and money.

Jason St. John: Software Developer

My prediction is that automation will grow. Our modular automation system here at The Mailworks is growing by leaps and bounds. This automation system allows us to expedite getting orders from our clients to our production team efficiently and quickly. From there we streamline getting direct mail pieces printed and mailed. Allowing our customers to reach their audience at the right time. 

Direct mail is getting personal, smarter, relevant and faster. Interested in optimizing your campaigns with this effective channel? Fill out our questionnaire to get started!