Direct mail and sustainability. Together. (Yes, really!)

We’re helping you make smarter paper choices, create more successful campaigns, and doing our part to reduce our
impact on the environment.

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Did you know paper is one of the most recycled materials in the world? It’s true.
Especially here in North America, we recycle paper more than anything else — and it’s produced, manufactured, and maintained under some of the highest standards of any material.

If keeping your environmental footprint as compact as possible is high on your priorities list, let us connect the dots between paper and our bread and butter: Direct mail is a great natural [marketing] resource!

A word about “paperless” marketing

Researchers in Spain found that online advertising consumes as much energy as a small country. Seriously, a whole Lebanon of energy.

No shade, but the world generated more than 50 metric tons of electronic waste in 2019. Not even 20 percent of that was properly collected and recycled.

Paper, on the other hand, is a renewable natural resource and requires less energy to produce than something you can’t even hold in your hands — so “going paperless” for purely environmental reasons may not have the desired effect.

Direct mail can be a green choice.

We know the mail works. It’s even in our name!

And your direct mail pieces will continue their ecological journey long after it’s left your recipients’ homes. Paper products can be recycled and turned into other useful products, forever and ever amen.

And let’s take this a step further: When you send strategic direct mail campaigns that don’t automatically get trashed, you can worry even less about your environmental impact.

We’re at your side through every campaign, from start to finish and beyond. Your dedicated account manager at The Mailworks will help you ensure each campaign gets maximum success.

And today, the Mailworks can help you be even more sustainable. Here’s how.

Introducing our partnership with Finch Paper

You have a lot of choices when it comes to your business's sustainability efforts – including the direct mail marketing partner you select.

That is why we're especially excited to share our partnership with Finch Paper.

In 2022, we kicked off a paper-provider partnership with Finch Paper, a New York–based company that’s making good on the sustainability commitment they made back in 1910. (Yep, more than a century ago. Old school.)

Here are just a few reasons why we’re loving this partnership:

Plus, Finch actively practices reforestation, which replaces trees being taken out of forests with new growth.

For every tree they harvest, they plant two more. This is a long game for the folks at Finch — and it is for us too.

We’re proud of this partnership and love what it means for our environmental impact.

We think you’re gonna like it too.

Good for the earth.
Good for business.
Good for you.

Did you know that paper is one of the most recycled materials in the world?

Environmental impact

Other ways we’re reducing our environmental impact

Choosing sustainable suppliers is just part of the equation.

Here’s what else we’re doing:

And on top of that: The Mailworks manages every step of our process in house, from creative to printing to mailing. That means less digital waste, a smaller carbon footprint, and a more streamlined experience for you.

Let’s make marketing more sustainable, one campaign at a time.