On this months Mailworks Minute, we sat down with our Director of Software development Jeremy Hammond to talk a little bit about his role at The Mailworks. Keep reading to get the scoop.

How many servers does The Mailworks have?

So we have between 30 and 40, we have a hybrid between cloud and on prem servers. They do all sorts of different things whether it’s providing network support, connecting clients to our systems, processing mail, and creating print files. So a lot.

What types of data does our portal store for our customers?

So for each piece of mail, we have about 230-240 pieces of data. The portal stores terabytes on terabytes of data.

Is there a portal feature that you or the team have worked on that you think is especially cool?

I think our call tracking feature because it shows the value of direct mail marketing and its capabilities. We also track the mail as it leaves the post office and goes to our customers. Our customers customers.

How quickly can The Mailworks process a job after proof approval?

So as long as the customer is efficient in getting everything approved, it can go to print within five minutes. Even sooner depending on how small or big the job is.

What is your favorite part about your job?

There are unique challenges everyday. Especially on Mondays. Where we get something new that we’ve never seen before. There might be something that management wants. We sit down with the team to figure it out and that’s probably my favorite part.

What are some of the unique challenges the development team faces when it comes to the direct mail industry?

It is probably the sheer volume of information that we are ingesting from our clients. We take in a lot of information from the United States Postal Service, and then the print files that we are creating are also very big. Facing the challenge of how to store and organize all of the information that we have so we and our clients can access it easily.

What is your favorite way to code?

Uhmm a lot of coffee, turn on the music and just do it. I conduct. It’s all about finding the groove and getting in that magic space where the outside world is gone and you’re just thinking about your project.

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