By Sarah Hodges: Director of Client Services

Ever wonder how call tracking works and how it can help you make informed decisions about your current marketing strategy? Well, here at The Mailworks we’re answering a few common questions about call tracking and highlighting its wonderful possibilities. 

What is call tracking and how does it work?

Call tracking is a process that allows us to present real data on the results of your direct mail campaign. When you opt in, a tracking phone line is assigned to your business. This line will automatically forward all calls to your destination phone number. Your tracking phone is used on your mail pieces, and when a recipient responds by calling this phone number, the call rings through to your destination phone like a regular call–but our call tracking system captures it so we can provide the data back to you.

Is call tracking right for every direct mail campaign?

No, call tracking won’t be the right fit for every campaign. Call tracking works well for service-based offerings, when the recipient will call to schedule an appointment or consultation.  If a phone call is an unnatural call to action for your offer, consider using a different tool to measure response, like a QR code or a purl. 

Will I still have the same phone number?

No, we purchase and assign a call tracking line that is dedicated to your destination phone. It will use your same local area code.

How are you able to review/listen to calls?

When a recipient calls your tracking line, the call routes through our call tracking system on its way to your destination phone, capturing the recording and basic details. This call tracking data is updated in our online Portal every day. Our in-house call tracking team reviews each call, providing a brief summary and logging the outcome.

As a client, can I listen to calls?

Yes! All calls are available to download from your Portal account after they have been logged.

Where can I see call tracking results and responses?

Call tracking results are updated daily in your Portal account. Reports can be pulled using a number of metrics, such as in home date, creative, month, or year. 

How does call tracking benefit a campaign?

Call tracking provides you and your Account Manager with straightforward response data on your direct mail campaign, so we can see what’s working and what’s not. You can see in almost real time exactly how recipients are responding. We use this data to make informed recommendations to refine and improve your campaigns going forward. 

The possibilities of call tracking can be extremely beneficial to your business’s campaign performance. Get all the insight you need from The Mailwork’s dedicated call tracking team. Schedule a call to learn more!