When you look at a piece of direct mail that’s addressed to you, what sticks out? Was it the call to action? Did you recognize the brand and pick it up? Or did you notice a fun deal with a catchy headline? You might not realize it, but the design that goes into making a successful direct mail piece depends on what kind of action you want people to take. Buckle your seat belts, we’re about to roll out what makes a direct mail piece work.

Brand Awareness

Putting your logo and return address on your direct mail piece communicates who your brand is and what kind of business you are. This helps the viewer bring context to your piece and connect it to you. Having your website link on the piece is even better. This can allow your direct mail piece to drive traffic to your website and build even more brand awareness. 

Clear Message and Offer

If you’re doing a direct mail campaign you likely have an offer, an important message you want to communicate to your audience and are attempting to convert leads and get responses. Design wise, you want to make sure this message/offer is very clear, noticeable and to the point. Notice how in the image above, there are two offers that are located in bright pink boxes and stick out more than any other copy on the page. Those offers will catch the viewer’s eye and encourage them to read more about what your business has to offer, and potentially take action.


Multiple CTAs (Calls to Action)

Having multiple calls to action on a direct mail piece will motivate people to reach out to your business about an offer or service. Actionable verbiage that tells them what they need to do to get started makes your message clear and simple. CTA’s such as “Scan to schedule a call” or “head to our website to score the deal” are good examples of CTA’s that get people to take action. Depending on the product or service you’re offering, your CTA should reflect the copy on the piece. 

Contact Information

Once your viewer is jazzed about your content and offer, they’ll want to reach out, or talk to someone about next steps. Something that goes great with a CTA is a qr code. A QR code will direct them to a specific link where they can fill out a form, or provide you with information. A basic phone number or email is also a great way for people to contact you regarding your direct mail piece.


No matter what your direct mail goals are, you can count on The Mailworks to provide you with the ultimate support and guidance to get your campaign off the ground. Head to our website to get in touch and learn more about how we work!