The Mailworks Reinvented: An Inside Scoop On the Process of Our New Look and Feel with Hannah Akots

On May 11th 2022, we launched our new brand and business model here at The Mailworks. We have spent almost a year looking at every aspect of our process for our clients from our website, to the first call, all the way to getting their mail in homes.. We evaluated our core values as a company, streamlined our internal processes and came together across departments to improve our services. Since 1984, we’ve been working to ditch the status quo and make direct mail simpler, smarter, and more successful. It was time for the face of The Mailworks to reflect who we are in-house. We’re thrilled to be able to share it with you now.


We sat down with our Marketing + Brand Manager, Hannah Akots, to get the inside scoop…

In a few sentences, describe what’s happening at The Mailworks this week:

We’ve officially launched our new website, brand, and business model to the public! While it’s such an exciting time now, we have really put in the work behind the scenes and I think we’re all just excited to be able to share it with our clients and start this new chapter.

How long has this change been in progress?

While most of the heavy lifting has been done in the last 6 or 7 months, I think internally we began this process almost a year ago. We were starting to look at things differently and our path forward really became clear in the fall of 2021. We knew there were things that we could improve, both internally and externally across the company for our clients and we wanted to do it right. This was the time to dive into our look and showcase who we are inside (which hasn’t changed) to the outside world.


Why was this change necessary? 

Our goal has always been to serve our customers with the best solutions to grow their business using direct mail. To meet this goal, we are constantly evolving and looking at the most innovative ways to get them the best results (while making their job easier). We recognized that shutting down our e-commerce solution in favor of a more scalable model would allow us to grow  with the ever-evolving needs of our clients… which we knew we couldn’t do without a rebrand. We took a focus on our main industries and honed in on our experience. Internally, we are more cohesive and efficient than ever. 



What was the rebrand process like? 

Once we had refined our vision and values, we were able to see the areas where we weren’t properly representing ourselves. We had already been working on a website redesign, but we had grown out of our old look. We were lucky enough to work a combination of talents, Jena of Blush Cactus Design + Marketing Studio out of Arizona and copywriter Paige Worthy of Paige Worthy LLC. Working with this amazing team of women opened us up creatively to make the statement we’ve always wanted to make. With their guidance, we developed our new logo, colors + voice together. We now have a full set of brand guidelines, a kick ass website and new office updates to reflect it. Ideas from many different departments in the company weighed in throughout the process and I think that’s what makes it so special. We believe in what we do, and we do it differently… with some outside of the box spice! 


What are you most proud of now that the rebrand is complete? 

I would say how well our website accurately reflects who we are and what we do. All of the images you see are of our actual team, products and machinery. Our team is what makes The Mailworks so special and it feels good to accurately represent ourselves. 



What is our mission moving forward with this new brand?

The Mailworks brand reputation has been built on our ability to help our clients execute and deliver direct mail campaigns that get real results from strategy, to design, all the way to the production floor. On budget, on time, every time. We continue with this focus, but now we get to wear it on our sleeve.



One last fun question… What celebrity would embody The Mailworks voice? 

I have two… Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They’re both funny, sharp, quick on their feet and came by their talents honestly. They’re a dynamic duo! They feed off each other’s creativity and make magic together. It’s the embodiment of a great partnership — just like The Mailworks and our clients.


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