A lot happened in 2022 for The Mailworks. We collapsed the brands that worked under our umbrella and made the big decision to establish a new business model that would create more efficiency for our current and future customers. A lot of what we offer changed, leaving us with a surge in our paper inventory. As a result of the paper shortages during 2021 and some of 2022, schools have had limited access to basic school supplies that include paper.

three people posing with boxes of paper with a thank you mailworks sign.

Our Procurement Specialist, Helena Nichols and Director of Marketing, Hannah Akots worked with local schools to donate excess paper stock for reuse, part of a new initiative Paper for Purpose. With a variety of formats available, from envelopes to large sheets, the possibilities were endless! Our donations benefited art departments, administration and classrooms of all ages.

a palette of paper being loaded into a truck by 2 men.

We are so thankful for the schools and teachers who educate our students and are grateful to have the opportunity to give back, right here in our own community.