Dental Direct Mail: 5 Marketing Secrets That Will Change The Way You Work

It’s known that the dental industry thrives off of direct mail marketing. It’s great for prospecting new patients, maintaining brand awareness, as well as keeping your current patients engaged and up-to-date with appointments. All of these things might be no brainers to someone who is well versed in how to market for their office. So, we’re diving deeper into what else you should keep in mind when creating a direct mail campaign for your dental practice.

The Secret of Call Tracking

Picture of a woman on the phone listening to phone calls.

Call tracking is one of the best ways to monitor a campaign. You have the ability to hear how people are responding to an actual direct mail piece, plus how well your office is answering those calls and reach outs. A call tracking report can give you great insight about your current mailing and help you make smart decisions about any future campaigns. At The Mailworks, we personally listen to your calls and provide you with a full call tracking report that you are able to view in our online Portal.

Utilizing QR Codes

Image of a direct mail piece being held above a marble surface.

QR Code technology has swept the nation, especially since the pandemic. They can provide your direct mail piece with an easy way for the recipient to respond to your call to action. We’ve learned that putting a review or testimonial from a current patient helps drive people to take the next step or book an appointment. QR codes have a wide variety of purposes. For dental practices, they’re effective at directing traffic to your website and leading someone to the exact place where they can book an appointment. Including additional ways for people to reach out to your office such as a phone number, email and website link is an added bonus and is sure to get your practice the attention it deserves.

Pre-Designed Templates

Different designs and layouts work better based on the goals of a campaign. For example, a self mailer is a great way to get your brand noticed and provide more information about your practice. Since the product doesn’t require an envelope, your brand and logo is out and in the open amongst the mail pile, and great for people to keep as a resource to look back on. At The Mailworks, we offer a catalog specifically tailored to the dental industry that is strategically designed to drive results in the areas you desire. 

Different Products For Different Goals

Depending on the goal of a campaign, different direct mail products will work better than others, even when it comes to the design. For basic appointment reminders, most dental offices send out postcards. On the front, a fun design catches the eye and on the back, a personalized message about your appointment with any additional information. Postcards are also effective for offers, appointment scheduling and in general, encouraging people to take action as quickly as possible. Larger products such as letters or folded self mailers work well to carry more information, such as new locations or members to your team. These types of products are likely kept in a household longer for reference. 

The Importance Variable Data

Picture of a man at a computer working on lists and variable data.

If you’re a new or acquired dental office, sending mail to the surrounding area around your practice is a no brainer. But you shouldn’t just do it once. According to Verified Movers, the average American family moves once every five years. Meaning you should send out prospecting mailers often to reach potential patients. Using variable data to update and maintain your prospecting list allows you to connect with new residents in the surrounding area of your office. Personalizing your mailers with variable data, allows you to connect with potential patients on a deeper level, keeping your practice at the top of their mind. 


Direct mail and the dental industry go hand in hand. Let The Mailworks help your practice succeed with collaborative and strategic campaigns!